wills and inheritance disputes.

By their nature, disputes over wills, trusts and probate often occur at times of emotional distress. Bringing or defending such claims is especially demanding and can become acrimonious and fraught very quickly.

Seeking expert advice at an early stage to help resolve matters can therefore be crucial and can potentially avoid litigation and costly court proceedings.

Our lawyers can advise on a range of these issues including:

• Disputes between executors/beneficiaries and trustees/executors
• Execution of Wills 
• Removal of executors, administrators or trustees
• Interpretation of Wills, Trusts and/or the administration of Estates
• Lost or destroyed Wills
• Invalid Wills (including lack of capacity and undue influence)
• Fraud, including forged or fraudulent Wills
• Trust litigation, including complex and multi-jurisdictional claims
• Misappropriation of property
• Maladministration of an Estate

We have dealt with all of these issues and have the experience to advise you on what to do, how you fund any action you decide to take as well timescales.  Whilst some matters may need to go to court to decide the issue for you, we will discuss alternative methods of resolving the dispute.

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