notary public.

Notary public, Robert G Irons, is based at the Archers Law office. As a lawyer appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and regulated by the Court of Faculties, he can undertake the certification and/or verification of facts and documents.

A notary public is independant.  Their duty is for foreign jurisdications towards the transaction and the document.  They will not advise you on the transcation and you will normally be required to sign in front of the notary.

 Notarisation is regarded as a safeguard and guarantee in international law.  After notarisation some documents may require stamping either by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or another countries consulate.

 If you wish to discuss notary services then you can speak with Robert G Irons on telephone 01642 636500 or email: and he can discuss your requirements, the costs and what you need to bring with you.

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