our people.

Our people are at the core of what we do. We are a 75 strong firm that comprises committed and enthusiastic lawyers, who work alongside dedicated support teams. From our front of house to secretarial support, as well as management and legal expertise, we work together as a team to focus on meeting our client needs. Find out all about our lawyers - what they focus on and how they can help you.

Business Client Services

Christopher Todd

Managing Partner

David Adams

Partner: Head of Corporate and Commercial

Kenton Bazeley

Partner: Head of Litigation

Elizabeth Casey

Partner: Head of Employment

Rachel List

Partner: Head of Commercial Property

Daniel Flounders

Partner: Corporate and Commercial

Helen Lyne

Executive Associate Solicitor: Litigation

David Lucas

Senior Solicitor: Corporate and Commercial

Lauren Mills

Associate Solicitor: Employment Law

Joanne McHale-Young

Associate Solicitor: Employment Law

Laura Dale

Associate Solicitor: Commercial Property

Oliver Hebdon

Associate Solicitor: Corporate and Commercial

Emma Smith

Solicitor: Commercial Property

Jayne Jones

Solicitor: Corporate and Commercial

Hayley Bartram

Solicitor: Litigation

Matthew Ray

Solicitor: Litigation

Lindsey Carter

Conveyancing Practitioner, Commercial Property

Natalie Wilson

Trainee Solicitor: Litigation

Debbie Howes

Legal Assistant: Employment

Natalie Caldwell

Legal Assistant: Commercial Property

Samantha Alderton

Trainee Solicitor

Lucy Dougall

Trainee Solicitor

Personal Client Services

Zoe Tansley

Partner: Head of Family and Matrimonial

Wendy John

Partner: Head of Wills, Probate, Trusts

Lucy Adams

Executive Associate Solicitor: Family and Matrimonial

Gillian Haines

Head of Residential Property

Paula Warburton

Senior Solicitor: Wills, Probate and Trusts

Katie Wigham

Associate Solicitor: Wills Probate and Trusts

Helen Hunt

Associate Solicitor: Family / Matrimonial

Leah Duffield

Associate Solicitor: Wills Probate and Trusts

Helen Brown

Solicitor: Wills Probate and Trusts

Jennifer Lightwing

Solicitor: Family and Matrimonial

Wendy Grainger

Legal Assistant: Wills, Probate, Trusts

Jack Reynolds

Legal Assistant: Wills, Probate and Trusts

Carrie Irving

Legal Assistant: Residential Property

Charlotte Walker

Legal Assistant: Residential Property

Vicki Gibbons

Legal Assistant: Family and Matrimonial