Further Extension on Eviction Ban

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Helen Lyne

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Helen Lyne ,

Executive Associate Solicitor

Further Extension on Eviction Ban


The Government has once again extended the Residential Eviction Ban due to expire today (11 January 2021). The Government laid before Parliament on Friday lunchtime, the Public Health (Coronavirus) (Protection from Eviction) (England) Regulations 2020 extending the holt on evictions until 21 February 2021. This prevents a Landlord from enforcing a possession order and instructing bailiffs to attend properties to remove tenants or serve an eviction notice except in a number of excluded circumstances.


The exceptions are trespassers, anti-social behaviour and substantial rent arrears. There is a small but welcome change as to what is classed as substantial rent arrears from 9 months arrears to 6 months arrears and unlike the previous regulations there is no stipulation that the amount of arrears must be at the date of the Possession Order, and there is no stipulation that arrears after 23 March can’t be counted.


After 21 February 2021 a new mediation pilot will be launched to try to encourage amicable resolutions to this ever growing housing crisis and to help the courts to prioritise urgent cases. The Archers Law Litigation team will continue to monitor developments.


These amendments and the pandemic generally continue to have a significant impact for Landlords, many of whom we continue to assist through these difficult times with a view to mitigating the fallout.


For advice as on those repossessions that are still permitted, or how you may manage the effect of the Pandemic where you are dealing with a Tenant who would ordinarily be evicted or for advice as to how to prepare for eviction after this stay is lifted, please contact our Litigation Team