Ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to be extended until March 2021

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Hayley Bartram, Solicitor, Litigation

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Hayley Bartram, Solicitor, Litigation

Residential Landlord and Tenant Update: Ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to be extended until March 2021


15 February 2021


The government made a further announcement over the weekend, on 14 February 2021, that the ban on evictions in England will be extended to the end of March 2021. The Public Health (Coronavirus) (Protection from Eviction) (England) Regulations 2021 presently apply until 21 February 2021 and prevent Landlord’s from serving eviction notices. There are however, exceptions to this, for instance, in cases where there are “substantial rent arrears”, defined as at least 6 months unpaid rent, cases involving domestic violence or criminal activity to mention a few.


The Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, said: “We have taken unprecedented action to support renters during the pandemic, including introducing a six-month notice period and financial support to help those struggling to pay their rent.” He indicated that the ban will remain in place for all but the most serious cases for another six weeks.


The regulations putting this change into effect have not been made public yet, so watch this space for any further updates as and when we receive them.


Whilst the change offers some comfort for Tenants, we understand that this will come as a further blow to residential Landlords as rent arrears will continue to mount up.


On a related note, the Housing Possession Mediation pilot scheme for Landlord and Tenants launched on 1 February 2021 and is expected to run for approximately six months. It is a free service which is being funded by the government and designed to provide some relief to the Courts with the backlog of cases.

Our litigation team are on hand to deal with any queries from Landlords and Tenants regarding these changes. Please contact us should you have any questions or need any advice or assistance relating to a possession claim. We will provide further updates when possible.

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