10 things we learned during 10 miles.

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Sophie Palleschi

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Sophie Palleschi

10 things we learned during 10 miles.  


For the past 10 years, Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation has been making Teesside a better place to live, work and do business by providing support to social groups, organisations and vulnerable individuals in TS postcodes.


The Foundation is a cause we’ve always championed and supported here at Archers, so to celebrate a whole decade of its amazing work, we challenged ourselves to walk 10 miles through the Cleveland countryside – and we’re proud to say we completed it, raising over £1,100 in the process! 


It was challenging, rewarding, fun – and it even taught us a few things along the way.


So, through the mud, sweat and tears, here are 10 things we learned in 10 miles.


1. Walking is most fun when you do it with friends – and dogs, of course (Hugo, Meg and Tilly really helped!)

2. The North East can’t be beaten when it comes to amazing views and scenery (which is why we love being here!), and this walk had it all, from countryside to coast, we had views of Guisborough forest right over to the steelworks!

3. Plenty of water, sun cream and plasters are essential for any walking challenge (or if you’re Sharon, bandages to fix your broken walking shoes!)

4. And so is a well-deserved cold drink at the end of it, we’d recommend giving G&Tea house a visit, the food and drinks are just what you need after a walk!

5. Climbing Roseberry Topping never gets any easier, or any less beautiful, but mainly never easier.

6. Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation is doing incredible things to make Teesside a better place for all…

7. …And we’ve no doubt it will do even more for the region over the next 10 years

8. Craig David blasting out the back of a backpack always helps when it comes to finishing that final uphill!

9. We can do anything we put our minds to when we work together (though we kind of knew that already…)

10. Be prepared for any weather, despite the forecast thunder and everyone packing their water proofs, it was a lovely 21 degrees!


Thank you so much to everyone who supported us during our 10 miles for 10 years challenge. If you would like to donate to Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, you can do so via our JustGiving page.